The Finish Line

This is where I would normally tell you what my finishing time was, bragging that it was better than expected or giving excuses why it wasn’t as good as I wanted. Instead, I tell you I didn’t finish. But it doesn’t matter. I am just grateful my husband and I were unharmed, yet, at the same time I am so sad for those who are were not so lucky.

This is where I wanted to post a picture of me wrapped in my mylar blanket, holding my medal, looking completely worn down but with a huge smile on my face. Instead, I post pictures of the front page of the Boston Globe with the headline “Marathon Terror” and pictures of unclaimed race bags of the thousands of runners, including myself, who could not finish.

Unclaimed race bags April 16, 2013

Unclaimed race bags April 16, 2013

Front page of Boston Globe April 16, 2013

Front page of Boston Globe April 16, 2013

This is where I was planning to be able to look back and remember the feeling of crossing the finish line, the sense of accomplishment and exhilaration. Instead, I remember the loud blasts and clouds of smoke, the screams of people around me, the feeling of utter fear and running for my life when I had nothing left in me.

This was not the story I imagined I would be telling. However, it is my story of the 117th Boston Marathon and I am so thankful to be here to tell it. I know there are others who were there at the finish line who can’t tell their story because they are no longer with us. And there are far too many who have stories of much deeper heartache – stories about the death of a friend or loved one, about never being able to walk again or the carnage they saw. My heart goes out to them.

There will be a 118th Boston Marathon. I know there will be because runners are strong and we finish what we start. I can imagine the stories told there will be of remembrance of those who were killed, stories of recovery of those who were injured, stories of the heroic that saved lives, stories of overcoming fear to run another year and stories of the resilient city of Boston. And most importantly, the story of justice that was brought to the people who did this.

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4 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. Amanda

    Brought tears to my eyes to hear someone else’s account (mine was “ten minutes after”) and knowing how close you were to the bomb and how terrified you were. Happy you and your husband are ok, sad for the events of the day and the victims. What a thing this has been. Great write up, thanks for sharing.

  2. Emmet Z

    We are so very grateful that you and Eric are home safe. And thank you for your first hand account; it is absolutely riveting and at the same time chilling and sad. We know that though you and Eric were not physically harmed, that doesn’t mean you were not injured. Indeed, we are all injured when this type of cruelty is perpetrated on our society and the most innocent among us. Pain comes in many forms and the tragic events of your first (I’ll bet not your last) Boston Marathon is now a part of you. A part that I’m confident you will turn to good, that will serve to make you stronger and that you will use to help others be stronger too.

    Thank you for sharing what I’m sure is a difficult story to recount.
    Warmest Regards,

  3. Denny Pewsey

    Thank you for sharing your Boston Marathon story. Today is one week after the life altering horrible bombing. The telling and the re- telling of your story helps all of us with healing. I was stopped about 2 miles out.

  4. Bill Gubanic

    I spoke to your dad days before the race and he was very proud of what you were about to do – run the Boston Marathon. When the race was interrupted with the bombing, I was going crazy trying to think of who I just talked to who had a relative in the race. Suddenly, I remembered it was Frosty and later found out that you were ok. Your story is very down to earth and full of emotion we all can relate to. The very fact that there will be another marathon, with many more to come, shows the rest of the world that you, and others like you, represent the very best in what our country is all about. You are a winner and a classic example of why the terrorist will not win. God Bless and thank you for telling your story. Bill Gubanic


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