Post Race Party

There was no party. There was no celebration.

View of Copley Square after I met Eric

View of Copley Square after I met Eric

It took Eric and I about an hour to walk back to our hotel. I figure I put about 30 miles on my legs that day. Police and bomb squads were everywhere but nowhere felt safe.

We sat in our hotel room and watched the carnage unfold on TV with shock and disbelief. We talked with family and friends. We learned of the death of the 8 year old little boy and thought of our 8 year old son who was back in Tucson with his grandparents. That is where we wanted to be. Home.

The Day After

View of Copley Square Tuesday April 16, 2013

View of Copley Square Tuesday April 16, 2013

My medal

My medal

The next day we walked over to get my race bag. Now people wearing marathon jackets gave each other a different kind of look. A look of understanding, sadness and strength. When they gave me my race bag they gave me a medal as well. It was a kind gesture and nice to finally hold in my hand.

We walked through Boston Commons and along freedom trail. Police milled about on every street corner. Sirens still rang out regularly. When I saw others carrying their yellow race bags I knew they did not finish as well. I wondered how far they had gotten, how close they were.

We walked back to the hotel, packed up and headed for the airport. The 117th Boston Marathon was over. It was time to go home.

The End….

The 118th Boston Marathon will happen again on April 21, 2014. I have registered and will be there to finish what I started.

Thank you to the Boston Marathon fans and volunteers along the race route who make the Boston marathon what it is. Thank you to the BAA organizers for their hard work and dedication to put on such an amazing, well-organized event. A special thank you to the BAA, the city of Boston, medical personnel, volunteers and first responders who reacted so quickly to help save lives. You have handled this tragedy with such grace and kindness. Those who lost their lives and were injured are in our thoughts and prayers.

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19 thoughts on “Post Race Party

  1. Rosie

    Amazing, heartfelt story. Thank you for recounting it for us. I feel fortunate that you’re willing to share this harrowing experience and hope that telling your story helps with processing the ordeal. Thinking of you.

  2. John Dadante

    As I posted you on Facebook, I’m so glad you are safe. Ginger, you were the first person I thought about after an employee at worked told me about the bombing. I sobbed and thanked God when you posted that you were safe. God Bless You. Your story should be published. Thank God you and Eric are safe.
    John and Betty Dadante

  3. Jolene and Dara Cross

    Your story was riveting. We are so glad that you are safe at home with your family. Hug everyone for us, we wish you all happiness and peace.
    Love Jolene and Dara

  4. Sally (Allan's mom)

    Allan sent us your email about the race…….both Bob and I are so glad you and Eric are safe and home.

  5. Jeff

    Glad you and Eric are home safe. Was following that day closely and worried sick till your FB post. So proud of your strength through the ordeal. Thanks for sharing your story. Jeff

  6. steve birnie

    Thanks for sharing this, it is a wonderful personal account. I hope you go back and finish one year, but if not, you are stillpart of the history of this wonderful race and event.
    Steve Birnie

  7. Sandy Riser

    Ok, now I am crying…I was SO relieved you were ok and could find out quickly (thank you FACEBOOK!), but you were too close for my comfort. I can’t wait to hug you this week!!

    And on a side note just as important – you did it, my friend. You ran not only the Boston Marathon and finished (you did, you know!) but you ran THE Boston Marathon – the one everyone will remember. Pretty damn cool!

  8. Mrs. Incredible

    I called your home on Tuesday just to hear your voice, but you weren’t home yet, of course. I see you running the streets around our neighborhood frequently and I am so glad I will continue to see you running. You are an amazing athlete, a wonderful mother, and a good friend.

  9. Paula Nasiatka

    Ginger, Thank you so much for writing out your entire Boston Marathon experience for us to read. I hope it helps you too to process this unimaginable turn of events. I’m so proud of you for all your training and that you qualified for this prestigious and historic race! Best to Eric for coming to your rescue so quickly.

  10. Susan Bellew

    Ginger, so glad you made it through all this. You and Eric are a strong couple and what an mix of excitement/terror you went through! Now as a few days have past, we are all relieved to see that they have caught the “bad guys”. Hopefully this will never happen again. Thank you for sharing your story! And most importantly that you are safe. You know, you have PERFECT pace, even with some time to stop and throw up! It saved your life. Keep getting out there to run.
    Love, Susan, Brian, and Tia

  11. Monica Barrios

    My husband, Miguel, works with your father-in-law, Bob and he just sent me a link of your story. I’m so happy you were able to eloquently put your experience into words and share. I hope the act of writing this is healing for you. I ran my 1st marathon at 55 years old, last October, (Marine Corp) with my younger sister who stayed with me the entire time. Two weeks later, I ran Richmond’s and I will do that one again this year. I appreciate, empathize and am very touched by your account! Thanks for sharing! Monica B.

  12. Inge and Herman Molzahn

    What a well written account of your experience at the Boston Marathon. Thank God that you and Eric were not harmed by the blasts. We heard the news on the radio and we said “isn’t Ginger running?” We called Irmgard and left a message. Irmgard called us back after speaking with you and relayd the news that you were OK. Congratulations on your acievement!
    Best wishes and Good Running,
    Inge and Herman

  13. Andrew

    Ginger, I work directly with your father in law who very graciously shared your link, and was riveted through your entire journey. I used to run Cross Country/track in Jr/Sr High(no middle schools in Those days!) but have never made the 26.2 mile trek of a marathon. Your story is compelling and incredibly well thought out and relayed to all of us who were’nt there, and my first thought after hearing from your Dad in law was relief that you were ok, but concerned at your proximity to the blasts. I know your father in law is Extremely proud of you, and of course more than anything is relieved you both were relatively unharmed, outside of the emotional trauma. We all feel deeply for those who weren’t so lucky and pray for them and their families every day, as we as a nation are glad the perpetrators are caught and Will Be Brought to justice!

    Thank you so much for relaying all the pertinent details of your story, and am amazed as probably you and many others are that the little things(missing the 2nd wave, and getting sick) are factors that could very likely have saved you from much further harm. Remain strong, continue your training, and you Will run again in one that you can Finish safely!

    Thank you very much again. This combined with others’ stories should someday be made into a movie, one that tells tells the struggles such as yours just to qualify, and then the actual race details along with the Heroic efforts of everyone involved to try & save the victims as best they could. A reminder that this country is filled with good individuals who are better and stronger than the bad ones….

  14. sharon tosdevin

    Thankyou for your story, I came across it as I was reading the forum about it band syndrome. I have got this injury and I have three weeks to go until I do the Edinburgh Marathon, I was feeling upset that I will have to stop running and thought it would stop me from doing the Marathon.

    Your story has inspired me to carry on even if I have to walk.

    Thank you xxx

  15. She Is Out Running

    Did you ever find out who that man was who ran the last few miles with you? He was like a guardian angel. I love hearing about mysterious, anonymous helpers. Hopefully, he didn’t get hurt.

    Very well written account. Thanks for sharing.

    1. admin Post author

      I did!! I had to do a little bit of sleuthing. He was in a few pictures with me so I looked him up by his number and found his daughter on FB. :) He did not get hurt but had just ran by his family who was standing where the second bomb would eventually explode. For hours he thought his family was injured and they thought he was injured as he had just run by them and toward where the first bomb would explode. His story was heart breaking. We have been in touch over the past year and plan on meeting for lunch while we are in Boston. Thanks for asking.


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