My name is Ginger and I live in Arizona. I am a wife, mother, amateur athlete and freelance designer.

Two years ago I never would have believed you if you told me I was going to run the Boston Marathon. I was a cyclist and triathlete, but not “a runner”. And even when I did run, I was not very fast.

However, the more I ran, the more I liked it and the faster I got (thanks to my Tuesday 5:15AM track workout group!). In January 2012 I ran my first marathon, the Carlsbad Marathon, “for fun” with a friend. I was on pace to qualify for Boston except made a wrong turn on the course, putting me at the finish line but with 3 miles still left to run. Marathon #1: DQ

I was pretty upset about having trained for 26.2 and only have run 23.2 and determined to finish what I set out to do. So on the drive home to Tucson that same day I signed up for the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Arizona 3 weeks later. I gave it my all and ran all 26.2 miles this time with a Boston qualifying time (nevermind the fact I couldn’t walk for a week afterwards!). Marathon #2: BQ!

In September 2012 I registered for Boston. I paid my registration, reserved my hotel and planned my training for the next 6 months. Of course nothing goes as planned. With 14 weeks to go, right as base training is done and things are getting serious, I had my ITB go out on me.

I could barely walk let alone run. I took 4 weeks completely off and became obsessed with IB recovery. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go but I couldn’t imagine April 15th coming and me not being there. Perseverance became my theme.

I was gradually able to get back to a run/walk. I started the marathon cramming plan. 6, 9, 14, 17, 20 miles on Saturdays. Weekdays were spent deep water running. This went against all training plans but at this point I was going for fun and I just wanted to finish. I knew I could cross the finish line even if I had to walk. Marathon #3: DNF.

I have run three marathons and officially completed one. I am not sure this is my sport. People ask me if I will go back. Right now I say no. My daughter points out I didn’t cross the finish line. Right now I say I am content with 26.13. However, at one point I said I would never run a marathon too…

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